It’s fun falling…

fun-falling Style  Sheet 

Vive Nine, Fiore: Mesh head in prescious shape

Vive Nine, Fiore: Aylah skin

Maitreya: Lara mesh body v3.3

Besom: Ginja v2 fade dye

Kitja: Lexi jeans in black

.Shi: Centurion sandal black

LOULOU&CO: Nose chain with earring charm

Be.mused: Mesh face chain

.Enfant Terrible.: Decor Armor for shoulders, black

Mandala: Steking ears – pixie style

Blueberry: Tank top, free group gift

Stud Muffins: Halloween pumpkin spice latte to go cup

Hayabusa designs: Trees, Mitsuko Kytori Discover Box Autumn (Market place only 89L)

{vespertine}: Curved bench set in white (this colour is in the fatpack box only)

Datum: Kawaii tattoo in fresh


Paved in Gold

Golden sentinels

The cold side of Gold

I visited the store Loud Mouth store today, and after checking out the wares I wandered outside on the road. I moseyed past a few cute but empty store fronts for rent and then I saw these stunning trees; they are like golden sentinels displaying vivid Autumn colours. In the first picture I wanted to highlight the rich and warm colours of the trees. In the second picture I want to show the other side of Autumn, it is bloody cold and windy.  Another great store front I just had to capture.

Samhain in a Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkins 3

As the sun fades – the veil thins

Waiting for the spirits

Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe & Forest what a lovely find! Such a beautiful space in Second Life. The quaint cafe leads onto enchanting paths that wind over the sim. I came across this fantastic pumpkin patch, and knew I needed to blog this. So much to see here. A great place to see in Samhain (All Hollows Eve).

Camping out – In the back yard!

Camping out

Camping out

I am still feeling the hypnotic power of Autumn; I want to spend as much time outside as possible. Before the weather makes the world winter and inhospitable; before I am thrown back inside.  Time to play, laugh and roll around in leaves that are crunchy and colourful. So I have gone a camping, in my own backyard!

Moonlight Teahouse – A view from a strangers eyes


Moonlight Teahouse is a picturesque Japanese garden theme sim in Second Life. I was browsing through the Editors Picks in the destination selection and decided to jump on over.

I was taking pictures for another blog post and happy with what I had taken I left the sim and logged out. A day later when I logged back into SL, I had a unexpected but not unwelcome message waiting for me.  When I was walking about in Moonlight Teahouse, I was been photographed unawares and the many pictures taken, were offered to me.

So I have decided to use one today that was taken by Mr S. I have edited the original picture, it seems Mr S has a much better graphics card than I do!

I wanted to give the image a Autumn touch by using fading colour and a warm but dusted tone. I hope you like! Original picture is below, many thanks to Mr S 🙂

Through Mr S eyes'

The Seasons Story – Hail Autumn

Hail Autumn

Hail Autumn

I have just visited “The Seasons Story” event and I loved everything about it. This was my first visit and I will definitely be making this a regular quarterly pilgrimage. The setting hits all the right spots for paying homage to Autumn; the colours and tones are whimsical and the stores have the perfect scenery to accessorize their wares. Very calm and beautiful.

I am in love with peach/ginger hair in RL at the moment so I have kinda transposed this to my avatars Autumn look mangled with a vintage twist. 😛

I hope you like. LM for the event is here.

~ Gateway into the past

Loving this store front

Loving this store front

On 29 August it was my 4th rez year in Second Life. Huzzah for me lol

I wanted to do a montage showing the evolution of my Avatars’ look over the years but I haven’t had a chance to scratch myself this weekend (massive hangover)! So I’ll save that idea for next years birthday. However I have dug one old picture up from the archives.  I’ll also add a new picture taken today so we can go 3 years forward!

I did visit :: LEONARD :: MAINSTORE today and this is where today’s picture was taken. Its quite pretty out the front. The reason for popping over was for a group gift. I am part of the V.I.P group was given a Autumn wheat mouth piece. Just ace.

Leonard - Wheat Stalk

Leonard – Wheat Stalk

Oh my! This pic was taken in 2010 😛

I used to love this look. I thought I was so amazing. It is awesome to see how SL has grown and how the amazing artists have shaped us as they have developed their skill sets.

Happy 4 Birthday ~ to me!