~ Gateway into the past

Loving this store front

Loving this store front

On 29 August it was my 4th rez year in Second Life. Huzzah for me lol

I wanted to do a montage showing the evolution of my Avatars’ look over the years but I haven’t had a chance to scratch myself this weekend (massive hangover)! So I’ll save that idea for next years birthday. However I have dug one old picture up from the archives.  I’ll also add a new picture taken today so we can go 3 years forward!

I did visit :: LEONARD :: MAINSTORE today and this is where today’s picture was taken. Its quite pretty out the front. The reason for popping over was for a group gift. I am part of the V.I.P group was given a Autumn wheat mouth piece. Just ace.

Leonard - Wheat Stalk

Leonard – Wheat Stalk

Oh my! This pic was taken in 2010 😛

I used to love this look. I thought I was so amazing. It is awesome to see how SL has grown and how the amazing artists have shaped us as they have developed their skill sets.

Happy 4 Birthday ~ to me!