The check please…

The check please

I’m fresh back from checking out the new sim for Birdie, Foxes and Alchemy – I’ve treated myself to both the ‘Porcelain’ and ‘Pure’ shades of the new Birdy skin, ‘Sienna’ (899L each), the Maitreya skin applier pack (all Birdy skin tones are included 400L) and the Nyam Nyam applier (150L all skin tones pack). I’ve also paid a visit to Uber and picked up this cute cropped checkered shirt, I love red checkered anything.

I’m so glad Birdy are back with new skins and full mesh body appliers, I couldn’t be happier, well I could actually, I’m just waiting for Dead Apples to release some new skins with modern appliers. The Ari skin by Dead Apples is my all time favourite skin, so I’m watching that space.

Oh and yay – Suicidal Unborn have expanded their epic ‘bloody knees’ for use by those of us who use the newer mesh bodies, life is good.

Style sheet…

Birdy – Sienna skin in ‘Pure’ shade

Maitreya – Lara mesh body

Foxes – Throw back and tied shirt @Uber

Suicidal Unborn – Bloody knees – applier for Lara mesh body + others

Ama. – Whipped ass and thighs – applier for Lara mesh body + others

Dead Apples – Eyes in ‘Striking – Spring’

Blueberry – Front tied denim skirt – rigged for Lara mesh body +others

Bolson – Mr. Mockup tattoo – applier for Lara mesh body + others

SOVI3T– Nerd Glasses

Little Bones – Alien

Noodles – Katie chain top and Byzantine chain necklace

Reign – Studded Katya flats

Muka – Garter and wrist cuffs

Mons – Eyes choker

Lust Rage – Nobuko Leviathan chain

Deetalez – Teeth and tongue prim

Mandala – Steking ears

Redgrave – Classy Lashes

Magic Nook – Hoop earrings

Magika  – Bow Headband [Group Gift]

Village Life ~

Little Village ~

Little Village ~

Little Village 2 ~

Little Village 2 ~

This morning I did something that I haven’t done in ages; raided the editors picks in the destination guide.  First stop, Little Village by Cica Ghost.  A very quaint and cute cluster of quirky homes at random angles on hills, with a sepia skyline. I guess what I mean is, this is a retro acid trip with relaxing seaside vibe.

I also popped over to Bryn Ohs’ Immersiva sim as I haven’t yet seen her art installation called “The singularity of Kumiko” which opened 14 February. As usual, Bryn Oh never fails to deliver; before entering, I adjusted my photo tool settings as recommended, then it was just me in darkness with a headlight and the story to follow. I didn’t take any pictures, go and experience it yourself 😛 I did bring back a souvenir for sale in the installation; a rabbit-girl doll. If your’e familiar with Bryn Oh, then you know what I mean, I’ll post a picture of it next time.

New year, a new level of mayhem.

A new year, a new level of mayhem

A new year, a new level of mayhem

This is the wardrobe I’m rocking today~ credits below next pic 🙂

Too early to commit

Too early to commit

Here we go:

Props – Artlight Happy New Year (Group Gift) by ::Fabuleux::

Skin – Rose Skin ~Porcelaine~Gold Dust Limited Edition, by .birdy. The Chapter Four (either 7 or 8)

Eyes – Spectral Eyes XS – Wight, by IKON – FaMESHed 

Boobies – Tango, updated by .:LoLa:.Creations 

Curves – Phat Azz /w thicker legs by ** 

Eyebrows – Whisper eyebrow shape by Essences

Hands – Casual & Elegant XXS – Slink Avatar Enchancement Hands

Hair – Paper Tiger – Blush, by !lamb!

Hooves – Slouchie Bow Digi Warmers {Black} (with Phat Azz) by *Epic* 

Ears –  Short Gelf Ears Low by [][]Trap[][] 

Tail – Fantasy Faun Twitchy Tail {Black} by *Epic*

Antlers –  Stag Antlers – Restored (Luxury) RARE by +Half-Deer+ @ OMGacha Autumn

Playsuit – Heroin Body Black, by .::LE FORME::., @L i m i t e d . B a z a a r 

Socks – “Tamea” – Black, by [GoreanRose], @We ♥ role-play 

Belt – Rosary Belt by …:::Scrub:::… @ Scrub Factory

Belt Trophy – Foxy Tails – (RIGGED)- Med – Add on – Black by Auxiliary

Tattoo – Cynth TATTOO-Black 1 (with Tango applier), by Sourires, @The Azz Show


~ .Pekka. Choker – Chest piercing & Nose ring.
~ Maxi Gossamer – Both rings.
~ [EY:NO] – Mess Bangles silver (no longer available)
~ ::[annaA]:: – Lip Piercing “SIS Gift”
~ [Keystone] Lynthia’s Jewel – Silver x Pearl – Common @ OMGacha – Winter
~[The Forge] – Necklace – Aura Necklace Steel -CBOX @ OMGacha Winter

Make up:

~MONS – Eyeshadow Roar – Black @ December TDRF
~Glam Affair – Candy – Freckles @The Arcade (a few months back!)

Nothing looks quite right to me, unless it’s that little bit wrong.

Faun and her Louisville Slugger

Faun and her Louisville Slugger

I love frolicking around beautifully designed sims and I found a gorgeous one this week at Savoir Faire – Serenity Gardens…. many beautiful areas with a view from the top of a light house. So to this lovely & pristine place I just had to bring my bat because nothing looks quite right to me, unless its that little bit wrong. The bat is my ol’ faithful, Louisville Slugger baseball bat & my favourite attachment over the last month. It is  Just epic, as I change the accessories with my  mood; razor blades, rusty barbed wire or long spiked nails. I found it at RO. If you want a break from shopping pop over and relax 🙂

This is better than a Broxtowe wash!

This is better than a Broxtowe wash!

Mad City ~ The hunt for room 326

I spent the most part of my Saturday morning and and afternoon sim jumping from store to store trying to complete the Mad City Room 326 hunt. This hunt was designed by none other than MadPea Games and sponsored by NY Healthscape.

So go me! (insert victorious trumpets or lame golf clap) , I got to the end of the hunt in that one day. Although, I did have to call in the Calvary (aka IM for help via group chat) it was only the once 😛 The hunt is based around a murder mystery and to play, you need to purchase the Room 326 HUD (its 150L). This more than pays for the 15 prizes you get for completing the hunt at the end. I haven’t been on a hunt for over two years simply because the prizes were shit and just clogged my inventory. Pah! I hate that. Anywho, these prizes are quite cool.

Mad City is a epic sim set in the 40’s/50’s and room 326 is in the Silent Peacock Hotel. So its über brilliant for picture backdrops, if that floats your bloat. I just happened to snap 2 pictures.

The first one is the landing area, which drops you straight off in front of the hotel. I love the attention to detail that Mad Pea always inject into the designing of installations.

Mad City is home to the mysterious - Silent Peacock

Mad City is home to the mysterious – Silent Peacock

This second picture is EPIC ♥ ! There is a painting in room 326 which I had to crawl into to complete the hunt ( trippy eh? lol) Well the painting itself is awesomely terrifying and gruesome. I crawled into a virtual recreation of that painting. To it it is a very powerful image and just had to snap it. I have edited both of the pics here today.

The aftermath of 15

The aftermath of 15

The hunt is open till the end of August. I have to admit as well, it was good to get out and visit other shops. I normally stick with the same old reliable’s, so yeah all in all a great way to waste a Saturday.

Innocent said yes

innocence vs survival

innocence vs survival

This art installation, created by Rose Borchovski, is seriously immersive. Named the Inevitability of fate, you can you can experience the story here.

I get kinda freaked out by children en mass, maybe too many horror flicks. When I first took  this pic,  I did find it creepy, but I wanted to like this kid, I knew that a hard road lay ahead in for this character.

I have edited the pic and I wanted to show the innocence in this child’s eyes and in the open and honest expression. That innocence even I once had. :)To me this image is shedding the skin of innocence and accepting the risk of saying yes to satisfy curiosity and to survive. The “going down the rabbit hole”. This is what I tried to highlight.

I could have taken loads of pics, but I got carried away instead, so I only took this one. You can view more here sim itself is heavy on the lag, having many moving scripts, its a interactive art work.

Truly worth a drop by 🙂

Carnival Creepy

Carnival creepy

Carnival creepy

The abandoned carnival, by Madpea.
Its eerie, foggy, and gives you that heightened sense where you feel like you’re been watched by aliens..or ghosts of the past.
There was plenty that grabbed my attention, like rides n games… all carnival.
Perfect for darker style photos…

If you want to visit in world, click on the Surl below.

Hazadous 2.0

Watching the light dance

Watching the light dance

I have fallen for this epic Aussie based sim allover again. The lighting is spot on. Think of a lazy summer afternoon, when the scorching heat of the day gives way to dusk. The sky is a myriad of sunset colours all set against my beloved Outback….

Australian Sunset

Australian Sunset

It would be so amazing and sacred to stumble upon this place in RL. I’m thinking that the retro 50’s skirt and top I’m wearing fits in with the vibe from this place. Old and telling a story, soft and easy on the eyes. 🙂

Catching the last of the days rays

Catching the last of the days rays

Imogen and the pigeons, revisited

Bryn Oh is a virtual artist I have admired for years. I discovered her work in Second Life, and it completely resounded in me. I find Bryn Ohs work in SL dark and twisted and beautifully haunting. Bryn Oh is my fav artist in SL…

The latest exhibition in her Immersiva sim is Imogen and the pigeons. I love how she tells Imogens’ story, the setting is elaborately woven and comprehensive. You meet other characters along the way and briefly flirt with their story. It is adventure interlaced with poetry and puzzle.

I have taken loads of pics, I have not edited them, I have just posted my favourite key pics that reveal patches of Imogens story… so click on Bryn Ohs blog site (just below) or jump straight in here to see, hear and experience this delight yourself 🙂


The dark-side of the mirror

The dark-side of the mirror

An audience with Chalk fingers

An audience with Chalk fingers

Th rapist room self up with the flock