Of Bracers & Bats ~

Ba ba bat girl

Ba ba bat girl

Exploration has lead me to discovery, of the most epic pair of leather bracers! Over the last few days, I have been visiting the Limited Bazaar event, waiting  for the new designer releases to come on show. Bored of the no show, I cruised the sim & discovered such a amazing store called .Shi. The designer, Joy Laperriere, designs fashion for both in world and RL (real life) – from 3D to wardrobe!…She is so creative (click on her name for her FB page).  .Shi make the epic bracers. Remarkable Oblivion (RO) created the menacing Louisville Slugger bat. 🙂

All the rest of my outfit can be viewed in my previous post … that’s all for now folks…peace. 🙂


Frost Fair – Frack, I love winter!

Epics Frost fair stall is here! 

First stop (as usual), was at the Epic stall; both the jeans and the top are from this stall. The sign is from this months? Arcade.

Your can’t really see the top, but it comes with Azz and Tango appliers. Sweet! Ill show some more pics tomorrow after work! Cheerios

Fraking hell Starbuck!

Fraking hell Starbuck!

Eyes open shot

Eyes open shot


Samhain in a Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkins 3

As the sun fades – the veil thins

Waiting for the spirits

Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe & Forest what a lovely find! Such a beautiful space in Second Life. The quaint cafe leads onto enchanting paths that wind over the sim. I came across this fantastic pumpkin patch, and knew I needed to blog this. So much to see here. A great place to see in Samhain (All Hollows Eve).

Moonlight Teahouse – A view from a strangers eyes


Moonlight Teahouse is a picturesque Japanese garden theme sim in Second Life. I was browsing through the Editors Picks in the destination selection and decided to jump on over.

I was taking pictures for another blog post and happy with what I had taken I left the sim and logged out. A day later when I logged back into SL, I had a unexpected but not unwelcome message waiting for me.  When I was walking about in Moonlight Teahouse, I was been photographed unawares and the many pictures taken, were offered to me.

So I have decided to use one today that was taken by Mr S. I have edited the original picture, it seems Mr S has a much better graphics card than I do!

I wanted to give the image a Autumn touch by using fading colour and a warm but dusted tone. I hope you like! Original picture is below, many thanks to Mr S 🙂

Through Mr S eyes'

The Seasons Story – Hail Autumn

Hail Autumn

Hail Autumn

I have just visited “The Seasons Story” event and I loved everything about it. This was my first visit and I will definitely be making this a regular quarterly pilgrimage. The setting hits all the right spots for paying homage to Autumn; the colours and tones are whimsical and the stores have the perfect scenery to accessorize their wares. Very calm and beautiful.

I am in love with peach/ginger hair in RL at the moment so I have kinda transposed this to my avatars Autumn look mangled with a vintage twist. 😛

I hope you like. LM for the event is here.

Hanging out side stores – The Chapter four 4 ways

Store front selfie #1Store front selfie #2Store front selfie #3Store front selfie #4

Hanging outside the stores, a set on Flickr.

I love so many store design settings so here we go. I have added a “Store front” category to my blog so I will be posting pics taken in front of Second-Life stores that have a interesting theme or setting.

This photo was taken outside The Chapter Four event.
The same image taken with different environment settings in Second Life and edited using Aviary in flickr.

The Celestial – In … “Septel”?

Pastel + Sepia = Septal®

Faun in Septel flowers

Faun in Septel flowers

I wanted to add another post before July ended. So here I am demonstrating that I do get things done; always at the last minute. So I have been rummaging through a few pictures taken over the last month and I have come across these two♥. They were both shot at The Celestial sim.  I tired to go back to today and the SLurL was not letting me in nor could I find its existence in Search!! I have added it below just in case it was me or some kinda dark sorcery ψ.


I remember that I ♥ed the colour and variation of the sim. There were beaches, valleys, fields… and… well now its not there; it seems kind of irrelevant to explain what WAS there. Each of the pictures here are made from 2 separate images to get the “Septel (my word for Pastel vs Sepia)” look. Yes, I know I am a weird twit lol but just ENJOY!!! 

PS: This last pic reminds me of the forest in the film E.T.

Faun and the Septal scape

Faun and the Septal scape