You rock my socks…


You rock my socks.jpg

Style  Sheet ⇐

Moon: Sane hair  – blonde pack

Miss chelsea: Nyla shirt in off white (for Maitreya, Isis, Freya, SLink & TMP bodies)

Enfer Sombre: Enferra skin with Catwa Catya  head & skin applier, mocha

Insufferable Dastard: Wildflower eyes, Catwa applier

EVANI: Gia skirt in navy

Phedora: Dorothy boots (that’s ‘socks n’ shoes lovely) + you get 35 colors with a single purchase, uber yay! (for Maitreya, Hourglass, Freya, Isis, Physique & Venus bodies)

Okkbye: Adumbrate eyebrows, Sonder eyeshadow both for Catwa & Omega heads, and Lithe eyelashes for Catwa head.

Location of the shoot: my land

EY:NO: mess  bangles silver (no longer available)

Sticking it to 2016


I’m ready for 2017! 2016 can stick it, we’ve lost too many amazing artists this year..

Style  Sheet ⇐

Ayashi @ the Sanarae event on until 18 Jan: Machiko hair anime set in blond.

Enfer Sombre @ the Sanarae event n until 18 Jan: Enferra skin with Catwa skin applier, mocha

MUKA: Iggy high waited short shorts

SOVI3T Apparel: Nerd glasses

Abigail’s: Ronni, off shoulder knit

REIGN.-Kylie Laced Boots- Black

Datum: Kawaii tattoo in fresh

Vespertine: Curved park bench in rusty white

HelaMiyo:high fashion2 –  pose 1

Tableau Vivant: Pretty blogger 1 – pose 2

Location of the shoot: my land

See my Body basics page for the stuff I never take off!



Sunshine gourmet, all day


⇒ Style  Sheet ⇐

Sari-Sari  – summer pose pack @ [Kustom 9]

Cae – Juno necklace @ [Kustom 9]

LCKY – Plenoir blondes @ [Project Limited]

Zibska – LTD Noir 19 eyeshadow & Vespera headpiece and draped necklace @ [Project Limited]

LOULOU&CO – Nose chain with earring charm @ [Project Limited]

Dead Apples – Striking eyes – Spring

Random matter – Perfectly flawed eyebags

Birdy – Sienna Porcelain skin and lip gloss in candy

Be.mused – Mesh face chain

MONS/MESH – Septum ring (style 4) and Eyes choker (silver)

Lust Rage – Ciel Brow and Suzume-Line(White)

Mandala – steking ears

Redgrave – Classy lashes

Deetalez – Prim teeth with tongue and piercing

MAGIC NOOK – summer hoop earrings, mesh.

Shes’ got the look…

The home style swing

The home style swing

For the first time in months, I have donned a new skin, and I just ❤ the look.

Style sheet ~

Pink Fuel – Crystal, Doll V2 skin  [WOWMEH APPLIERS]

ploom – Heartbreaker pole pose

Little Bones – Pagan Poetry

Apple May Designs – Cutie tops – Black  [WOWMEH APPLIERS]

Apple May Designs – Southern Belle Pants – Light blue  [WOWMEH APPLIERS]

Nyam NyamMesh mouth 

Wowmeh – Oversize  mesh body

Slink Avatar Enhancement – Hands & feet – Casual & Elegant  hands XXS

!The Cat’s Mew ~ Love Struck eyes

Be.mused –  Mesh face chain

[Foxes] Bat Headband & Spiked bow Accessories was @ The Bloody Horror Fair

Chary – Moon nails

(EPOQUE) Essential Liners – Thin 4

.Pekka. –  Chest piercings and Pink cross rosary necklace

random Matter – Eye bags

M:G  – Necklace, Rings

LustRage – Yuki Brow

Redgrave – Classy Lashes

Mandala – Stretched ears

LP [Le Primitif] – Bullet Hoop Earrings

[EY:NO] – Mess Bangles silver (no longer available)

Black in Shameless Island

In trouble again!

In trouble…


Potential victim here, yes, by the bin!


Just waiting for the money shot!


I was born inappropriate!


Drunk as a skunk!

Due to my outfit – I was feeling like a change of scenery. I visited a sim I knew I could get some grand images to compliment it! The sim is called Shameless Island. It is a anime based kinky as hell fetish sim, where the only rules are good manners!

A basic style card today:

I have found 2 new stores just trawling through blogs and flickr & I just LOVE ’em!! The first is named random matter. Random matter is just fab; seriously awesome pieces and great prices too. The 3 pieces worn are: – Rasputina Septum piercing in Black, the Keelhauled – Head Chain in Black & the Bastille Cuffs in Black.  The second store I found via a blog called Disgust for Details. It is called Buzzeri, this is where my eyebrows  are from, they are the Katie brows pack. Buzzeri also make some great Loud mouth appliers too! Get in!

My wrap leg stockings by Autopsy and Black Trikini by NS  are from Whore Couture Fair 3. The Hair is Xtal by Lamb! and the head band is new by  =Kio= for the We Love RP fair. The Armour (necklace and shoulders) is from the previous We Love RP fair by .Enfant Terrible. The first 2 poses are by +:::+Natural+:::+, Henteko Pose (mix2)Friend. Everything else is as per my last style card, as they are pretty much a permanent fixture on me.

Thats’ all folks… besides drop by Shameless Island, get back in touch with your demons. 🙂

Frost Fair – Frack, I love winter!

Epics Frost fair stall is here! 

First stop (as usual), was at the Epic stall; both the jeans and the top are from this stall. The sign is from this months? Arcade.

Your can’t really see the top, but it comes with Azz and Tango appliers. Sweet! Ill show some more pics tomorrow after work! Cheerios

Fraking hell Starbuck!

Fraking hell Starbuck!

Eyes open shot

Eyes open shot



Green close

Where’s my head at?

Green Long

I know I’ve done something I’m going to regret!

I have lost count of the times I have slowly & painfully woken up after 5 too many drinks… Spending all day trying to piece the night back together. Sometimes, I don’t want to remember what I have done. I don’t want to acknowledge what I have become. The fog in my head can only hide me so long, everyone will soon know and I will move on.

First-world problems in my Second-Life


So, I have been reading all the fashion blogs and most of them are promoting the awesomeness that is up for sale at this months Collabor88 Second Life designer event.

Hell yeah I want some of that.  I try to Teleport over and am ready to spend up big, but nope! “Sorry – region is currently full” I thought yeah fair enough, its only been open since Thursday, its Friday night now here in U.K. But nope. I am sure that by now, Sunday night, I have tried to visit this region 20-30 times. It is always full. I did get in once, but then the region was restarting in 2 minutes. So I was out of there before the first items in front of me rezzed fully. 

Yes…I know I have all of this month to visit and yes…I know that the traffic will die down (probably next week) but I wanted to spend and pimp my avatar!

So anyhow, now I have had my impetuous moan about my first-world problems in my Second-Life.

I have added some pictures I took at my own SL home while I was trying to teleport to Collabor88. I’ve not edited these, they are ulla natural.

Waiting for the Sun

Waiting for the Sun

The come down

The come down

Friends till the end

Friends till the end

A shameless selfie

A shameless selfie

Four and Twenty Blackbirds

Four and Twenty Blackbirds


The Celestial – In … “Septel”?

Pastel + Sepia = Septal®

Faun in Septel flowers

Faun in Septel flowers

I wanted to add another post before July ended. So here I am demonstrating that I do get things done; always at the last minute. So I have been rummaging through a few pictures taken over the last month and I have come across these two♥. They were both shot at The Celestial sim.  I tired to go back to today and the SLurL was not letting me in nor could I find its existence in Search!! I have added it below just in case it was me or some kinda dark sorcery ψ.

I remember that I ♥ed the colour and variation of the sim. There were beaches, valleys, fields… and… well now its not there; it seems kind of irrelevant to explain what WAS there. Each of the pictures here are made from 2 separate images to get the “Septel (my word for Pastel vs Sepia)” look. Yes, I know I am a weird twit lol but just ENJOY!!! 

PS: This last pic reminds me of the forest in the film E.T.

Faun and the Septal scape

Faun and the Septal scape