When in Rome ~

When in Rome ~

Today’s’ venture to find a great backdrop is a sim called Imagin@rium – MIC. The motto of the sim is “Art, museum, Culture, Music … toward the real world of contemporary art.” Visit it here 🙂 It is ancient roman temples by the sea. A very pure and clam vibe, the perfect contrast for my look of the day. Enjoy. 🙂

Skin: Ari by Dead Apples, Porcelain tone, exclusive @the skin fair.

Eyes – Twinkle eyes, cold  – Dead Apples

Eyebrows – Katie brows pack by Buzzeri

Makeup – Shadows n me make up by Pekka.

Hair: White Chalk by !lamb! for a previous collabor88

Headband: Barbed wire crown, clean metal by Pekka.

Necklace: Bolo tie, rare (ram) by ISON @ The Arcade Gacha event March

Pelvis piercings: Geni Diamond Pelvis Piercing by .Pekka. 

Suspenders – Unisex suspenders black by .Shi

Top – [VN] Loose cardi & top combo by Auxillary for a previous collabor88

Pants: Leather riders (with Phat Azz appliers), black by Reign@ The Thrift Shop (February 2014)

Shoes – Creeper Wedges by FLite @The Big Show (sold out)

Tattoo: Zodiac [virgo] by Vestigium

Poses:(marukin) for previous collabor88

Camping out – In the back yard!

Camping out

Camping out

I am still feeling the hypnotic power of Autumn; I want to spend as much time outside as possible. Before the weather makes the world winter and inhospitable; before I am thrown back inside.  Time to play, laugh and roll around in leaves that are crunchy and colourful. So I have gone a camping, in my own backyard!

Almost Wonderland

Madness is not a state of mind; Madness is a place. Lets go there shall we?

Alice swirls into wonderland

Alice swirls into wonderland

Alice in Wonderland has always captured the escapist romantic in me and I am confident I can vouch for millions of people around the world who are just as intrigued.

Alice in Wonderland is a prevalent force. Whether its movies, furniture/interior design, garden planning, fancy dress, poetry, stories, art works. Or best of all, our day dreams and nightmares. Alice in Wonderland has left its mark.

Alice finds the rabbit  and the hole

Alice finds the rabbit and the hole

Almost Wonderland  is a virtual simulator in Second Life. It has been built and put together by a SL store called Dark Alice Creations, who make all sorts of wonderful, zaney and you guessed it Alice in Wonderland theme items. I think its super savvy to make & design a sim based on what you sell and load it with your product!

Alice on fours, into the unknown she crawls

Alice on fours, into the unknown she crawls

I had a pretty fun time, passing through various different doors, shrinking, and running around like a hyper 12 year old. Brilliant!! Almost Wonderland boasts some brilliant photo poses and backgrounds, I was able to capture bucket loads of pictures I’m happy with.

Alice shows Trinity

Alice shows Trinity

Alice follows orders

Alice follows orders

So if you love all things Alice in Wonderland, running around and exploring, and some wacky picture opportunities, drop by and have a hoot. If you fall head over ass for any of the items you see in the sim, lucky for you 😛 there is a shop at the end of the road.

Alice tranquil by the poolside

Alice tranquil by the poolside