Film Noir ~

In the I fall to me knees ~

In the rain I fall to my knees

Does Film Noir grab your attention? Do you love a sim that delivers an eerie Gothic atmosphere? Have you ever visited a sim that sends chills through your body?

H220 is such a sim. It has oodles of rain, rusty abandoned structures, a darkness that leaps into the sinister ~ so lots of ambiance for taking the darker style of pictures.

Get visiting and get dark…


Ethereal Angel ~

Ethereal Angel

Ethereal Angel

{Location – Ethereal City, Alley}

{Pose – SKIBO animations }

Dead Apples – Ari skin in honey & Striking eyes in spring

Razor –  Vass Micro Shorts for Cute Azz size

Erratic – Keira Shirt black

Forever Young – Sport socks

Vin Cue  – Lolee+Platform

SU! – Bloody knees for Azz

Muka – Nasla Cuffs

Spellbound – Yummi hair in Natural Ombres w/ the Adored Bow (sold separate)

Hex Appeal – Backpacks – Excited

random Matter – Rhiannon Necklace

Village Life ~

Little Village ~

Little Village ~

Little Village 2 ~

Little Village 2 ~

This morning I did something that I haven’t done in ages; raided the editors picks in the destination guide.  First stop, Little Village by Cica Ghost.  A very quaint and cute cluster of quirky homes at random angles on hills, with a sepia skyline. I guess what I mean is, this is a retro acid trip with relaxing seaside vibe.

I also popped over to Bryn Ohs’ Immersiva sim as I haven’t yet seen her art installation called “The singularity of Kumiko” which opened 14 February. As usual, Bryn Oh never fails to deliver; before entering, I adjusted my photo tool settings as recommended, then it was just me in darkness with a headlight and the story to follow. I didn’t take any pictures, go and experience it yourself 😛 I did bring back a souvenir for sale in the installation; a rabbit-girl doll. If your’e familiar with Bryn Oh, then you know what I mean, I’ll post a picture of it next time.

Of Bracers & Bats ~

Ba ba bat girl

Ba ba bat girl

Exploration has lead me to discovery, of the most epic pair of leather bracers! Over the last few days, I have been visiting the Limited Bazaar event, waiting  for the new designer releases to come on show. Bored of the no show, I cruised the sim & discovered such a amazing store called .Shi. The designer, Joy Laperriere, designs fashion for both in world and RL (real life) – from 3D to wardrobe!…She is so creative (click on her name for her FB page).  .Shi make the epic bracers. Remarkable Oblivion (RO) created the menacing Louisville Slugger bat. 🙂

All the rest of my outfit can be viewed in my previous post … that’s all for now folks…peace. 🙂

Down at the docks

Down at the docks

Ethereal City ~

I used to live at Ethereal City a few years ago, when my Second Life focused on discovering my demons.  Ethereal City has a lot going on in the R rated department, if that’s your thing!! Anyway, this pic is taken at the docks, just one of the many areas on the sim 🙂 Have a look!!!

I am wearing Reckless back to black tattered pants and DRD Nipple Shields both available now from The Big Show. The hair is also from Taketomi Aki black hair. The rest of me is the same as last post. The Big Show is pretty epic, I’ve got to say. FLite have designed a super stunning pair of Creeper Wedges, pic is below, these are also available now at The Big Show! Also,  the Anarchy Travel case I have is only 1L from AMD (Apple May Designs). Its a limited offer so get to the front desk now and own one!  Also, another Pose by (marukin) :). …That’s all for today folks 🙂

FLite Creepers, from the Big Show ,March 2014 T

FLite Creepers, from the Big Show ,March 2014

Black in Shameless Island

In trouble again!

In trouble…


Potential victim here, yes, by the bin!


Just waiting for the money shot!


I was born inappropriate!


Drunk as a skunk!

Due to my outfit – I was feeling like a change of scenery. I visited a sim I knew I could get some grand images to compliment it! The sim is called Shameless Island. It is a anime based kinky as hell fetish sim, where the only rules are good manners!

A basic style card today:

I have found 2 new stores just trawling through blogs and flickr & I just LOVE ’em!! The first is named random matter. Random matter is just fab; seriously awesome pieces and great prices too. The 3 pieces worn are: – Rasputina Septum piercing in Black, the Keelhauled – Head Chain in Black & the Bastille Cuffs in Black.  The second store I found via a blog called Disgust for Details. It is called Buzzeri, this is where my eyebrows  are from, they are the Katie brows pack. Buzzeri also make some great Loud mouth appliers too! Get in!

My wrap leg stockings by Autopsy and Black Trikini by NS  are from Whore Couture Fair 3. The Hair is Xtal by Lamb! and the head band is new by  =Kio= for the We Love RP fair. The Armour (necklace and shoulders) is from the previous We Love RP fair by .Enfant Terrible. The first 2 poses are by +:::+Natural+:::+, Henteko Pose (mix2)Friend. Everything else is as per my last style card, as they are pretty much a permanent fixture on me.

Thats’ all folks… besides drop by Shameless Island, get back in touch with your demons. 🙂