Saved by the bell ~

Saved by the bell ~

Saved by the bell ~

I wanted to set the scene…. so here are all the credits… 🙂


AMITOMO:HAIKEI – School house sky box & covered piano

Ionic – Verano hut curtains

Set the Scene Skyboxes for Petites! – Naughty blackboard

Abandoned Freight – Teachers desk and chair pose


Wowmeh – Oversize  mesh body

Pink Fuel – Crystal, Doll V2 skin  [WOWMEH APPLIERS]

C’est la vie – Sarah school looks(knit navy)

Little Bones – Sea foam, in blondes

Babydoll – Playboy chain, (Gacha)

SOVI3T – Nerd Glasses

aDiva – Lingerie Set Rose Salmon Pattern & Sheer [WOWMEH APPLIERS]

[KG] – My Socks white  [WOWMEH APPLIERS]

Dead Apples – Eyes (Striking in spring)

Vin Cue  – Lolee Platforms, black

Chary – Moon nails

Be.mused –  Mesh face chain

Film Noir ~

In the I fall to me knees ~

In the rain I fall to my knees

Does Film Noir grab your attention? Do you love a sim that delivers an eerie Gothic atmosphere? Have you ever visited a sim that sends chills through your body?

H220 is such a sim. It has oodles of rain, rusty abandoned structures, a darkness that leaps into the sinister ~ so lots of ambiance for taking the darker style of pictures.

Get visiting and get dark…


Of Bracers & Bats ~

Ba ba bat girl

Ba ba bat girl

Exploration has lead me to discovery, of the most epic pair of leather bracers! Over the last few days, I have been visiting the Limited Bazaar event, waiting  for the new designer releases to come on show. Bored of the no show, I cruised the sim & discovered such a amazing store called .Shi. The designer, Joy Laperriere, designs fashion for both in world and RL (real life) – from 3D to wardrobe!…She is so creative (click on her name for her FB page).  .Shi make the epic bracers. Remarkable Oblivion (RO) created the menacing Louisville Slugger bat. 🙂

All the rest of my outfit can be viewed in my previous post … that’s all for now folks…peace. 🙂

Black in Shameless Island

In trouble again!

In trouble…


Potential victim here, yes, by the bin!


Just waiting for the money shot!


I was born inappropriate!


Drunk as a skunk!

Due to my outfit – I was feeling like a change of scenery. I visited a sim I knew I could get some grand images to compliment it! The sim is called Shameless Island. It is a anime based kinky as hell fetish sim, where the only rules are good manners!

A basic style card today:

I have found 2 new stores just trawling through blogs and flickr & I just LOVE ’em!! The first is named random matter. Random matter is just fab; seriously awesome pieces and great prices too. The 3 pieces worn are: – Rasputina Septum piercing in Black, the Keelhauled – Head Chain in Black & the Bastille Cuffs in Black.  The second store I found via a blog called Disgust for Details. It is called Buzzeri, this is where my eyebrows  are from, they are the Katie brows pack. Buzzeri also make some great Loud mouth appliers too! Get in!

My wrap leg stockings by Autopsy and Black Trikini by NS  are from Whore Couture Fair 3. The Hair is Xtal by Lamb! and the head band is new by  =Kio= for the We Love RP fair. The Armour (necklace and shoulders) is from the previous We Love RP fair by .Enfant Terrible. The first 2 poses are by +:::+Natural+:::+, Henteko Pose (mix2)Friend. Everything else is as per my last style card, as they are pretty much a permanent fixture on me.

Thats’ all folks… besides drop by Shameless Island, get back in touch with your demons. 🙂

Talking myself out of temptation

Spring tidings


I am resisting the temptation of the Arcade Gacha event. My impulsive (and perhaps, wanting for more more common sense!?) side dearly wants to see all the new, shiny and wonderful items as soon as possible. My logical and “learnt from experience” side is calmly trying to steer me away from such absurdity with facts:

  • The Arcade opened today, it is going to be rammed.
  • It is a Saturday in SL, the Arcade will be more rammed than the Macedonian war ships in Ben-Hur (old school!).
  • Halley’s Comet will have completed a full orbit before anything rezzes for me. (Even with the HUD provided, OK so maybe not Halley’s comets orbit).
  • Movement – other avatars stepping, landing, barging me, and vice-versa!
  • The items are not going to sell out! They will be there, available, until the event closes.
  • SL fashion bloggers have already started blogging the Arcade a few days ago –  I can see whats there already!
  • A chilled shopping experience is preferable

What ever side of me wins this weekend; The Arcade is one of my most favourite SL events. The organisers have provided a HUD again this round. Wear it half an hour before visiting, this loads the item pictures in your texture memory so that your not wasting as much time for the images to rezz . A super fantastic idea for helping the shoppers.

In the meantime I have kept myself busy with making a style card for my LOTLTW! (Look of the last two weeks). Have a lovely weekend folks!

Style sheet~

Skin – Maisie Skin – Pure, VIP Gift by Birdy

Eyes – Twinkle eyes, cold  – Dead Apples

Ears –  Short Gelf Ears Low by [][]Trap[][] 

Eyebrows – Whisper eyebrow shape by Essences 

Hair – Oh Lorde, blonde by Milk – @ Project Limited (February 2014)

Curves – Phat Azz /Normal legs by ** 

Hands – Casual & Elegant XXS – Slink Avatar Enchancement

Tattoo – Cynth TATTOO-Black 1 (with Tango applier), by Sourires, @The Azz Show (December 2013)

Harness – “Optia”Top Black by [Gorean Rose] @ We ♥ role-play (November? 2013)

Arm Amour – Armour Blue Metal by DRD @ Futureweave (February 2014)

Pants – Leather riders (with Phat Azz appliers), black by Reign @ The Thrift Shop (February 2014)

Shoes – Post apocalyptic nerd stompers by  DRD @ Futureweave (February 2014)

Belt – Belt Pocket Black {RARE} gacha, by una @ The Final Fantasy Fair

Poses – by Purple Poses


Choker – Chest piercing, plevis piercing & Nose ring by ~ .Pekka.

Both Rings  –  My Dear Heart! & 9mm Joli Petite Fatal, 2 fingers by ~ Maxi Gossamer –

Necklace – Long Dog Tag, female by ~Ma ndala

Wrist band –  Star Rope red by ::Howl:: @The Seasons Story (Autumn 2013)

Make up:

Eyes – Shadows in me – eye shadow only by ~ .Pekka.  & Vintage cat eyeliner by ~ .Pekka.

Face – Freckled Blush by ~ Chary

Nails – Half Moons (Slink appliers) by ~ Chary

~Slave to my sin~

Postcard to Sir

Postcard to Sir

~Slave to my sin~

~Slave to my sin~

Slave to my sin…  is tattooed on my RL husbands back! I just love how powerful a acknowledgement it is. Shopping is one of my sins, I do spend a hell of a lot of cash on my avatars’ accessories & also for my home and garden in-world, which I am always changing.  I just had to blog these must haves I discovered.

The hair is from the The Seasons Story by Tableau Vivant.  It comes with the rabbit ear “cowl” or hood,  as in the picture,  I bought the one with the hood down. If you wanted to wear the hood up you would need to buy another pack.  I also picked up the skirt, the bra & knickers set, my awesome cutie tail & the mesh garter at The Azz Show.

My catch of the day was definitely the black shrug from the  ::THE BOOBIES SHOW::  by C h a r y.  It uses Slink appliers so the shrug sleeves cover your hands, *me/grins with 2 thumbs up*.  Well,  that is once I figured out how to use the appliers!! I was  a complete numpty and I  had to contact the owner of C h a r y for help before I realised I didn’t have the tattoo layer activated for my slink hands!! She was lovely we had a giggle at my learning curve.

I also have changed location of my yard sale… its at my new mainland piece of paradise – Ill keep restocking as things sell. Every thing is dirty cheap.

Style sheet~ 

Props – Verano small garden hut by *ionic* 

Skin – Rose Skin ~Porcelaine~Gold Dust Limited Edition, by .birdy. The Chapter Four (either 7 or 8)

Eyes – Spectral Eyes XS – Wight, by IKON – FaMESHed 

Boobies – Tango, updated by .:LoLa:.Creations 

Curves – Phat Azz /Normal legs by ** 

Eyebrows – Whisper eyebrow shape by Essences

Hands – Casual & Elegant XXS – Slink Avatar Enchancement

Hair – Brickworks Hair – Cowl down – Fall by ~Tableau Vivant~ @ The Seasons Story

Hooves – Slouchie Bow Digi Warmers {Black} (with Phat Azz) by *Epic* 

Ears –  Short Gelf Ears Low by [][]Trap[][] 

Tail – SledgeNoob DeerTail Pak Taffy by [geek.] @ The Azz Show

Antlers –  Stag Antlers, Night Camo by +Half-Deer+ @ I really cannot remember!

Teeth & Tongue –  Teeth & Tongue piercing  by Deetalez

Glasses – Peace Glasses flowerGlasses RARE  by ::Fabuleux:: in the awesome Gatcha Machines

Jacket/Shrug – Coles Shrug (black) by C h a r y @ ::THE BOOBIES SHOW:: 

Skirt – Lulukins Mesh Skirt Black Camo by D2K @ The Azz Show

Lingerie – [Bagatelle Collection] Lingerie Black by MoDANNA @ The Azz Show

Socks – “Tamea”, White, by [GoreanRose], @We ♥ role-play 

Garter – Garter Love  by *MUKA* @ The Azz Show

Tattoo – Cynth TATTOO-Black 1 (with Tango applier), by Sourires, @The Azz Show


.Pekka. Choker – Chest piercing, plevis piercing & Nose ring.
Maxi Gossamer – Both rings.
~[The Forge] – Necklace – Aura Necklace Steel -CBOX @ OMGacha Winter

Make up:

~MONS – Eyeshadow Roar – Black @ December TDRF
~Glam Affair – Candy – Freckles @The Arcade (a few months back!)

New year, a new level of mayhem.

A new year, a new level of mayhem

A new year, a new level of mayhem

This is the wardrobe I’m rocking today~ credits below next pic 🙂

Too early to commit

Too early to commit

Here we go:

Props – Artlight Happy New Year (Group Gift) by ::Fabuleux::

Skin – Rose Skin ~Porcelaine~Gold Dust Limited Edition, by .birdy. The Chapter Four (either 7 or 8)

Eyes – Spectral Eyes XS – Wight, by IKON – FaMESHed 

Boobies – Tango, updated by .:LoLa:.Creations 

Curves – Phat Azz /w thicker legs by ** 

Eyebrows – Whisper eyebrow shape by Essences

Hands – Casual & Elegant XXS – Slink Avatar Enchancement Hands

Hair – Paper Tiger – Blush, by !lamb!

Hooves – Slouchie Bow Digi Warmers {Black} (with Phat Azz) by *Epic* 

Ears –  Short Gelf Ears Low by [][]Trap[][] 

Tail – Fantasy Faun Twitchy Tail {Black} by *Epic*

Antlers –  Stag Antlers – Restored (Luxury) RARE by +Half-Deer+ @ OMGacha Autumn

Playsuit – Heroin Body Black, by .::LE FORME::., @L i m i t e d . B a z a a r 

Socks – “Tamea” – Black, by [GoreanRose], @We ♥ role-play 

Belt – Rosary Belt by …:::Scrub:::… @ Scrub Factory

Belt Trophy – Foxy Tails – (RIGGED)- Med – Add on – Black by Auxiliary

Tattoo – Cynth TATTOO-Black 1 (with Tango applier), by Sourires, @The Azz Show


~ .Pekka. Choker – Chest piercing & Nose ring.
~ Maxi Gossamer – Both rings.
~ [EY:NO] – Mess Bangles silver (no longer available)
~ ::[annaA]:: – Lip Piercing “SIS Gift”
~ [Keystone] Lynthia’s Jewel – Silver x Pearl – Common @ OMGacha – Winter
~[The Forge] – Necklace – Aura Necklace Steel -CBOX @ OMGacha Winter

Make up:

~MONS – Eyeshadow Roar – Black @ December TDRF
~Glam Affair – Candy – Freckles @The Arcade (a few months back!)

Winter under a rainbow

Winter under a rainbow

Winter under a rainbow

Ah, I am still having a load of fun trying on,  in various combinations, the items I scored from the Winter OMGacha!. I have listed what I am wearing from there below. 🙂

Horns – Belted horns black (common),  Tabou Irresistible

Umbrella – Rainbow (common), RO –REMARKABLE ♦ OBLIVION

Headpiece –  Lynthia’s Jewel – Silver x Pearl  (Common), Keystone

Hair – *Milk* Hair~ Cho *Bubble Queen (RARE), *Milk* Hair & Clothing Co.

Crying Mascara – Black Tears #4 (Common), //elephante poses//

Necklace – Rosario Choker – PINK (Common), .pekka.

Yard sale still happening here. 🙂