Dawn is for dancing…

Style  Sheet 

My home: location of the shoot

Vive Nine, Fiore: Mesh head in precious shape

[theSkinnery]: Agnes skin applier in champagne

Maitreya: Lara mesh body v3.5

Gauze&Trap: Faun Legs and tail- short hair

Trap: Short Gelf Ears (low)

Entwined: Zoe hair in bold colours

Silent Whispers: Laced bodysuit

Be.mused: Mesh face chain

Datum: Kawaii tattoo in fresh

aisling: Sumiana crown and collar in spring

ellabella: Ashes, belly jewelry (gacha)

Prop: Bryn Dohl rabbit girl, by Bryn Oh – check out her Immersiva group.




It’s fun falling…

fun-falling Style  Sheet 

Vive Nine, Fiore: Mesh head in prescious shape

Vive Nine, Fiore: Aylah skin

Maitreya: Lara mesh body v3.3

Besom: Ginja v2 fade dye

Kitja: Lexi jeans in black

.Shi: Centurion sandal black

LOULOU&CO: Nose chain with earring charm

Be.mused: Mesh face chain

.Enfant Terrible.: Decor Armor for shoulders, black

Mandala: Steking ears – pixie style

Blueberry: Tank top, free group gift

Stud Muffins: Halloween pumpkin spice latte to go cup

Hayabusa designs: Trees, Mitsuko Kytori Discover Box Autumn (Market place only 89L)

{vespertine}: Curved bench set in white (this colour is in the fatpack box only)

Datum: Kawaii tattoo in fresh

The Celestial – In … “Septel”?

Pastel + Sepia = Septal®

Faun in Septel flowers

Faun in Septel flowers

I wanted to add another post before July ended. So here I am demonstrating that I do get things done; always at the last minute. So I have been rummaging through a few pictures taken over the last month and I have come across these two♥. They were both shot at The Celestial sim.  I tired to go back to today and the SLurL was not letting me in nor could I find its existence in Search!! I have added it below just in case it was me or some kinda dark sorcery ψ.


I remember that I ♥ed the colour and variation of the sim. There were beaches, valleys, fields… and… well now its not there; it seems kind of irrelevant to explain what WAS there. Each of the pictures here are made from 2 separate images to get the “Septel (my word for Pastel vs Sepia)” look. Yes, I know I am a weird twit lol but just ENJOY!!! 

PS: This last pic reminds me of the forest in the film E.T.

Faun and the Septal scape

Faun and the Septal scape

The Inevitability of Fate ~ the story of Angry Beth and the child Lot

I had to go back! Last time I visited here I only did a short blog on this art installation due to the the heavy scripting. My texture memory kept running out making  me need to clear cache and re-log. I run out of patience.I don’t know whether its due to the server side baking now, but I only had to re-log once, so I got a lot done and I was able to see the whole art piece.

Once again this is a  art installation from Rose Borchovski. The characters are Angry Beth and her child, Lot. It is set in a war, and shows of the pain, confusion, loss and destruction that war has on the civilians, who never asked for war, who never had a choice.

Hiding under the table to read

Hiding under the table to read

As you walk through the sim, you are given trinkets like a birthday hat to associate with the good times before the war; to a yellow ribbon that is used during the war tine occupation to disassociate the conquerors from the invaded, I am wearing one in the next shot. My favourite trinket is Beth’s false teeth!!!

Don't step into the light!

Don’t step into the light!

The above shot was using one of the many placed pose balls. I wanted to showcase the birds on the wall, as they are a thread through out. I wanted to hide from the search lights of war, wanting to fly free.

You,are just a number!!

You,are just a number!!

I hope you can see it ok in this pic. Surrealism screams: you are just a number and you don’t matter! The eye….so Sauron.

The eyes, they hunt me!

The eyes, they hunt me!

I found this emotional. The artist has placed RL pictures of children who have been displaced and injured in war. The Sauron ever open eyes, symbolise to me the searing memories that are burnt into to survivors minds.

War crushes souls and can take away a childs choice’ to become who they want.

This is a brilliant artist with a brilliant concept. You c an jump in here to see this story of love and war.

All pictures have been edited in GIMP. Thanks for stopping by.

Carnival Creepy

Carnival creepy

Carnival creepy

The abandoned carnival, by Madpea.
Its eerie, foggy, and gives you that heightened sense where you feel like you’re been watched by aliens..or ghosts of the past.
There was plenty that grabbed my attention, like rides n games… all carnival.
Perfect for darker style photos…

If you want to visit in world, click on the Surl below.


Beer and counsel

The apptly name sim, Awesome can be experienced by clicking here 🙂Image

I like that this destination has a sandbox, and that its a very cool Russian owned and designed sim that shows the strong, powerful and unforgiving beauty of the Siberian terrain. If you love forest, hills, camping and the great out doors, trek on over.

I found this wicked little pub tucked away on a hillside. This pic is how I remebered it. I deffo had my beer googles on… a moose bartender? Really? LOL Well whoever it was, he listened and gave me much need counsel over a stein of foaming lager… not bad.

Its quirky out door nature… so fun that leaves a smile. Get in.