I’m in London, still…


I'm dreaming of my home

I’m dreaming of my home

Lighted up in lights

Lighted up in lights

I’ve been a lazy assed blogger of late, oh, dont get me wrong, I have been changing my clothes! Here is proof, dancing around in London Town..still x

Location – London city Victoria sim

Le PoppyCock – Poses @ The Chapter Four

Monso – My hair Nana, Black/Brown @ Fameshed

Amala – Celeste Sun glasse @ The Chapter Four

Be.mused –  Mesh face chain

Erratic – Keira Shirt white.

Razor –  Vass Micro Shorts for Cute Azz size

Reign – Wedge Flipflops

Stelloane –  Cute foot for Slink Mid feet (Ankle wrap)

Apple May Designs – Travel Case

Muka – Nasla Cuffs

Dead Apples – Ari skin in honey

Pekka – Chest piercings


Wishing you well ~

Frisland sim

Wishing you well ~

Hitting up the editors picks, in the destination guide again, I found a gorgeous backdrop for this pic; Frisland is a mysterious, wild and exciting sim with a serine, clean and youthful ambiance. You can rezz your own props for pictures, just ask to join the group 🙂 Jump in here!

Style Card:

Skin: Ari in Honey tone ~ by Dead Apples now available @ the mainstore!

Hair: Shimmer ~ by Magika @ the mainstore!

Eyes: Striking eyes in Spring ~ by Dead Apples @ the mainstore!

Shirt: Keria in Birds ~ by Erractic @ the mainstore!

Skirt: Angelina Tutu skirt ~ by Kenvie @ the mainstore!

Shoes: Lolee+Platform ~ by Vin Cue @ the Big Show (now)

Earings: Bullet Hoop Earings ~ by LP @ Limited Bazaar

Watch: Mechanic Bamboo watch ~ by LP @ Limited Bazaar

Tie: Bolo tie RARE (ram) ~ by ISON @ previous The Arcade

Village Life ~

Little Village ~

Little Village ~

Little Village 2 ~

Little Village 2 ~

This morning I did something that I haven’t done in ages; raided the editors picks in the destination guide.  First stop, Little Village by Cica Ghost.  A very quaint and cute cluster of quirky homes at random angles on hills, with a sepia skyline. I guess what I mean is, this is a retro acid trip with relaxing seaside vibe.

I also popped over to Bryn Ohs’ Immersiva sim as I haven’t yet seen her art installation called “The singularity of Kumiko” which opened 14 February. As usual, Bryn Oh never fails to deliver; before entering, I adjusted my photo tool settings as recommended, then it was just me in darkness with a headlight and the story to follow. I didn’t take any pictures, go and experience it yourself 😛 I did bring back a souvenir for sale in the installation; a rabbit-girl doll. If your’e familiar with Bryn Oh, then you know what I mean, I’ll post a picture of it next time.

Nothing looks quite right to me, unless it’s that little bit wrong.

Faun and her Louisville Slugger

Faun and her Louisville Slugger

I love frolicking around beautifully designed sims and I found a gorgeous one this week at Savoir Faire – Serenity Gardens…. many beautiful areas with a view from the top of a light house. So to this lovely & pristine place I just had to bring my bat because nothing looks quite right to me, unless its that little bit wrong. The bat is my ol’ faithful, Louisville Slugger baseball bat & my favourite attachment over the last month. It is  Just epic, as I change the accessories with my  mood; razor blades, rusty barbed wire or long spiked nails. I found it at RO. If you want a break from shopping pop over and relax 🙂

This is better than a Broxtowe wash!

This is better than a Broxtowe wash!

Moonlight Teahouse – A view from a strangers eyes


Moonlight Teahouse is a picturesque Japanese garden theme sim in Second Life. I was browsing through the Editors Picks in the destination selection and decided to jump on over.

I was taking pictures for another blog post and happy with what I had taken I left the sim and logged out. A day later when I logged back into SL, I had a unexpected but not unwelcome message waiting for me.  When I was walking about in Moonlight Teahouse, I was been photographed unawares and the many pictures taken, were offered to me.

So I have decided to use one today that was taken by Mr S. I have edited the original picture, it seems Mr S has a much better graphics card than I do!

I wanted to give the image a Autumn touch by using fading colour and a warm but dusted tone. I hope you like! Original picture is below, many thanks to Mr S 🙂

Through Mr S eyes'

Almost Wonderland

Madness is not a state of mind; Madness is a place. Lets go there shall we?

Alice swirls into wonderland

Alice swirls into wonderland

Alice in Wonderland has always captured the escapist romantic in me and I am confident I can vouch for millions of people around the world who are just as intrigued.

Alice in Wonderland is a prevalent force. Whether its movies, furniture/interior design, garden planning, fancy dress, poetry, stories, art works. Or best of all, our day dreams and nightmares. Alice in Wonderland has left its mark.

Alice finds the rabbit  and the hole

Alice finds the rabbit and the hole

Almost Wonderland  is a virtual simulator in Second Life. It has been built and put together by a SL store called Dark Alice Creations, who make all sorts of wonderful, zaney and you guessed it Alice in Wonderland theme items. I think its super savvy to make & design a sim based on what you sell and load it with your product!

Alice on fours, into the unknown she crawls

Alice on fours, into the unknown she crawls

I had a pretty fun time, passing through various different doors, shrinking, and running around like a hyper 12 year old. Brilliant!! Almost Wonderland boasts some brilliant photo poses and backgrounds, I was able to capture bucket loads of pictures I’m happy with.

Alice shows Trinity

Alice shows Trinity

Alice follows orders

Alice follows orders

So if you love all things Alice in Wonderland, running around and exploring, and some wacky picture opportunities, drop by and have a hoot. If you fall head over ass for any of the items you see in the sim, lucky for you 😛 there is a shop at the end of the road.

Alice tranquil by the poolside

Alice tranquil by the poolside

Elf Forest ~* A Dark Fairytale *~

Faun Sia ~ Stopping for a fag

Me, stopping for a relaxing cig

This place is gorgeous. It ‘s a slice each of Rivendell, Alice’s adventures in Wonderland and Narnia. If this kinda thing sounds like its up your alley then jump in here.

It is currently been plugged as a Editors pick in the Second Life destinations and each of the 3 times I have been visited Elf Forest there was always a lot of other residents there as well. The folks I’ve met there have been friendly and a little cheeky.

Taking in the fresh air

Taking in the fresh air

The sim is practically everyone friendly. Petite avatars to all Elven races, from Satyr to Sprites. All are welcome. Its a Adult classed sim and there are pose balls around that give some great animations for chilling and relaxing to intimate love and well rougher love. 😛

Faun ~ The summoning

Faun ~ The summoning

I took a few piccys, and I have edited the one above as I liked the pose and the colouring. I hope you likes.