Ready for a kip ~


Ionic – House, Speaker and photos from previous gacha events

Dutchie – Summer Bed bondage 2

Glitterburpbs – Pose

Zenith – Lana long dress in blue @ Fameshed

Be.mused –  Mesh face chain 

Dead Apples – Ari skin in honey tone & Striking eyes in Spring

!Lamb! – Paper Tiger hair

The Plastik – Aerin Cuffs

Modern Couture  – Marion Necklace Black @ previous Limited Bazaar

I’m in London, still…


I'm dreaming of my home

I’m dreaming of my home

Lighted up in lights

Lighted up in lights

I’ve been a lazy assed blogger of late, oh, dont get me wrong, I have been changing my clothes! Here is proof, dancing around in London Town..still x

Location – London city Victoria sim

Le PoppyCock – Poses @ The Chapter Four

Monso – My hair Nana, Black/Brown @ Fameshed

Amala – Celeste Sun glasse @ The Chapter Four

Be.mused –  Mesh face chain

Erratic – Keira Shirt white.

Razor –  Vass Micro Shorts for Cute Azz size

Reign – Wedge Flipflops

Stelloane –  Cute foot for Slink Mid feet (Ankle wrap)

Apple May Designs – Travel Case

Muka – Nasla Cuffs

Dead Apples – Ari skin in honey

Pekka – Chest piercings

Mouse about the house ~

Mouse about the house ~

Mouse about the house ~

A creature is stirring  ~ It’s the mouse of the house =^.^=

Style Card:

Skin: Ari by Dead Apples, Honey tone, exclusive @the skin fair now. (I also purchased the porcelain tone, just so sweet)

Hair: Nati by [Due], black 4.

Headband: Minnie Mouse HeadBand (Black) by =Zenith=

Necklace: Marion Necklace Black by Modern Couture @The Limited Bazaar now!

Pelvis piercings: Geni Diamond Pelvis Piercing by .Pekka. 

Top – Baubie Hugger – Lace Black  by [Cynful]  @ [TBS] (past event)

Shrug – Meili Shrug, Print – Cross by Static

Pants: Back to black tattered pants by Reckless from The Big Show.

Tattoo: Zodiac [virgo] by Vestigium

Poses: Female Pose Pack 12 by [Atooly] 

Talking myself out of temptation

Spring tidings


I am resisting the temptation of the Arcade Gacha event. My impulsive (and perhaps, wanting for more more common sense!?) side dearly wants to see all the new, shiny and wonderful items as soon as possible. My logical and “learnt from experience” side is calmly trying to steer me away from such absurdity with facts:

  • The Arcade opened today, it is going to be rammed.
  • It is a Saturday in SL, the Arcade will be more rammed than the Macedonian war ships in Ben-Hur (old school!).
  • Halley’s Comet will have completed a full orbit before anything rezzes for me. (Even with the HUD provided, OK so maybe not Halley’s comets orbit).
  • Movement – other avatars stepping, landing, barging me, and vice-versa!
  • The items are not going to sell out! They will be there, available, until the event closes.
  • SL fashion bloggers have already started blogging the Arcade a few days ago –  I can see whats there already!
  • A chilled shopping experience is preferable

What ever side of me wins this weekend; The Arcade is one of my most favourite SL events. The organisers have provided a HUD again this round. Wear it half an hour before visiting, this loads the item pictures in your texture memory so that your not wasting as much time for the images to rezz . A super fantastic idea for helping the shoppers.

In the meantime I have kept myself busy with making a style card for my LOTLTW! (Look of the last two weeks). Have a lovely weekend folks!

Style sheet~

Skin – Maisie Skin – Pure, VIP Gift by Birdy

Eyes – Twinkle eyes, cold  – Dead Apples

Ears –  Short Gelf Ears Low by [][]Trap[][] 

Eyebrows – Whisper eyebrow shape by Essences 

Hair – Oh Lorde, blonde by Milk – @ Project Limited (February 2014)

Curves – Phat Azz /Normal legs by ** 

Hands – Casual & Elegant XXS – Slink Avatar Enchancement

Tattoo – Cynth TATTOO-Black 1 (with Tango applier), by Sourires, @The Azz Show (December 2013)

Harness – “Optia”Top Black by [Gorean Rose] @ We ♥ role-play (November? 2013)

Arm Amour – Armour Blue Metal by DRD @ Futureweave (February 2014)

Pants – Leather riders (with Phat Azz appliers), black by Reign @ The Thrift Shop (February 2014)

Shoes – Post apocalyptic nerd stompers by  DRD @ Futureweave (February 2014)

Belt – Belt Pocket Black {RARE} gacha, by una @ The Final Fantasy Fair

Poses – by Purple Poses


Choker – Chest piercing, plevis piercing & Nose ring by ~ .Pekka.

Both Rings  –  My Dear Heart! & 9mm Joli Petite Fatal, 2 fingers by ~ Maxi Gossamer –

Necklace – Long Dog Tag, female by ~Ma ndala

Wrist band –  Star Rope red by ::Howl:: @The Seasons Story (Autumn 2013)

Make up:

Eyes – Shadows in me – eye shadow only by ~ .Pekka.  & Vintage cat eyeliner by ~ .Pekka.

Face – Freckled Blush by ~ Chary

Nails – Half Moons (Slink appliers) by ~ Chary