Yard sale – Cheap gacha items

Gacha Yard Sale

Gacha Yard Sale

I can not stop until I get the one I want!!” Gacha events are so much fun. A fun way to fill up my inventory and spend loads of Lindens; all to get that specific colour or that elusive RARE item.

I have decided to sell my unused Gacha items, for less than what I paid for them. I am a firm believer that one avatars trash is another avatars treasure. A lot of folk hold yard sales for this specific reason; occasionally they may ask a higher than paid for price for RARE/in demand items. Me, well I just hope someone want something unloved, I am happy to sell for less. Items start at 15L -25L.

If you are interested jump in here to my little yard sale. Also, if you know of any similar sales drop me LM so I can have a nosy for what could be my treasure.  🙂

Paved in Gold

Golden sentinels

The cold side of Gold

I visited the store Loud Mouth store today, and after checking out the wares I wandered outside on the road. I moseyed past a few cute but empty store fronts for rent and then I saw these stunning trees; they are like golden sentinels displaying vivid Autumn colours. In the first picture I wanted to highlight the rich and warm colours of the trees. In the second picture I want to show the other side of Autumn, it is bloody cold and windy.  Another great store front I just had to capture.

The Seasons Story – Hail Autumn

Hail Autumn

Hail Autumn

I have just visited “The Seasons Story” event and I loved everything about it. This was my first visit and I will definitely be making this a regular quarterly pilgrimage. The setting hits all the right spots for paying homage to Autumn; the colours and tones are whimsical and the stores have the perfect scenery to accessorize their wares. Very calm and beautiful.

I am in love with peach/ginger hair in RL at the moment so I have kinda transposed this to my avatars Autumn look mangled with a vintage twist. 😛

I hope you like. LM for the event is here.

Hanging out side stores – The Chapter four 4 ways

Store front selfie #1Store front selfie #2Store front selfie #3Store front selfie #4

Hanging outside the stores, a set on Flickr.

I love so many store design settings so here we go. I have added a “Store front” category to my blog so I will be posting pics taken in front of Second-Life stores that have a interesting theme or setting.

This photo was taken outside The Chapter Four event.
The same image taken with different environment settings in Second Life and edited using Aviary in flickr.