Village Life ~

Little Village ~

Little Village ~

Little Village 2 ~

Little Village 2 ~

This morning I did something that I haven’t done in ages; raided the editors picks in the destination guide.  First stop, Little Village by Cica Ghost.  A very quaint and cute cluster of quirky homes at random angles on hills, with a sepia skyline. I guess what I mean is, this is a retro acid trip with relaxing seaside vibe.

I also popped over to Bryn Ohs’ Immersiva sim as I haven’t yet seen her art installation called “The singularity of Kumiko” which opened 14 February. As usual, Bryn Oh never fails to deliver; before entering, I adjusted my photo tool settings as recommended, then it was just me in darkness with a headlight and the story to follow. I didn’t take any pictures, go and experience it yourself 😛 I did bring back a souvenir for sale in the installation; a rabbit-girl doll. If your’e familiar with Bryn Oh, then you know what I mean, I’ll post a picture of it next time.

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